Our Story

When my dog Cashis was 6 months old, my family and I took him to a popular off leash Dog Park in Surrey, BC. Cashis was and still is, a friendly, very playful Boxer that loves to interact with other dogs but that could have all changed. On this particular day we entered the park and removed his leash. Within 5 minutes of being there, Cashis was being chased by 6 to 8 dogs, nipping at him, biting at him and flipping him on his back. A very large aggressive dog started mauling him. As I went to break them apart, I was tripped up by another dog and landed face first beside Cashis while he was yelping. I was able to get to my feet, grab Cashis and put him upon my shoulder. The dogs around me were jumping at me trying to get a hold of Cashis.

At this point, I heard a scream to see one of the dogs latched on to my 4 year daughter's sweater and was tugging viciously at it. I was able to scare the dog off my daughter and quickly made my way out of the park with my family. During this traumatizing and chaotic incident, not one of the dog owners tried to intervene or show much concern at all. I was extremely upset with the owners for not stepping in and doing their part to control the situation. I had no idea there was going to be owners, with so many aggressive dogs and I wasn't prepared. At that point I said to myself as a responsible dog owner, there should be a way to let other dog owners know whether your dog(s) can be aggressive towards other dogs or maybe it's friendly and looking for a friend to play with. Or some way to warn other dogs owners if there is potential trouble around the corner. One idea led to another and that was the beginning of K9 TO K9.