About Us

Welcome to the world of K9 TO K9, where, as a customer you are not just buying quality products, but also helping to shape the future of dog safety.

Here at K9 TO K9, we focus on dog safety in our communities through our FREE, Android and iOS, K9 TO K9 Community App for Dog Owners.

The K9 TO K9 Community App for Dog Owners is a social media tool that opens up communication between Dog Owners and their dog's behaviour. The idea is to help owners, stay ahead of the curve when deciding on their dog's interactions, which may help prevent negative altercations or welcome positive interaction.

If you like to increase dog safety in your area, here is your chance! Join and support our K9 TO K9 campaign initiative for dogs in your community. 

Our online K9 TO K9 Pet Store has join forces with Amazon Associate Program. By purchasing products through K9 TO K9 Pet Store, you can help support our campaign with community involvement and development of phase # 2 of the K9 TO K9 Community App for Dog Owners and increase dog safety within communities around the globe!