Tips for having safe visits to the dog park

Tips for having safe visits to the dog park

If you are reading this, you are probably a caring pet owner that is willing to do everything to make your dog happy. That includes taking a considerable amount of time in your life to play with your pet and take it for walks daily, for example. Taking your pet to a dog park is a way of combining those two things, in addition to stimulating its socialization with other dogs, something essential for it’s mental and social development.

Dogs are naturally social creatures that usually play with other canines without any worries, but it is important to stay alerted. Before taking your dog to the closest dog park, there are some things to consider:

• Get to know the area and its regular visitors:

Chances are that pretty much the dog park is filled with mostly the same dogs and owners every day. Take some time to study the area and its regular visitors. Once you start to identify some familiar faces, ask the owners if the area is safe, if their pets are friendly or even if there are issues with the park’s structure that you should worry about. Depending on the answers, you can decide if you can take your dog there or if you should explore other locations.

• Pay attention to your own pet’s behaviour:

Even though you love your dog dearly, you can’t ignore if it has an aggressive behaviour towards other animals or humans. Shy dogs might become aggressive out of fear or even traumatized by the experience of being exposed to other dogs. If you believe your pet is not ready yet, contact a dog trainer to correct its behaviour before taking it to a dog park.

• Understand when it is not the time to take your pet to the dog park:

Even if you took all the safety tips above into consideration, there are times when your dogmust not be taken to a dog park: when it is sick or when your female dog is in heat.

• Download the K9 TO K9 app:

With the help of the K9 TO K9 app, you will be able to analyze the behaviour of the dogs nearby to know if it is safe to let your own pet get closer to them.Those are only a fewsafety tips to guarantee that your next visits to a dog park will be fun for your furry friend. To know more about how you can help to shape the future of dog safety, download the K9 TO K9 app right now!

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