From dog lover to dog lover, welcome to K9 TO K9’s online store!

From dog lover to dog lover, welcome to K9 TO K9’s online store!

Everyone that loves their pet knows that there is nothing more important than its well-being and happiness. It is our way to give back all the love and affection they give us. K9 TO K9’s online store was created not only to allow you to provide high-quality products for your pets but also to help you shape the future of dog safety.

The idea of having a way to know the behaviour of dogs nearby occurred after an unfortunate accident with our dog Cashis at a dog park, when it was 6 months old. After getting it back from being hurt by aggressive dogs, we couldn’t stop thinking how it would be if there was a way that dog owners could communicate about their pet’s behaviour to avoid those situations.

That was the beginning of K9 TO K9 Awareness Mobile App, a social media tool that focuses on improving the communication between dog owners. The idea is to help owners to stay ahead of the curve when deciding on their dog's interactions, possibly preventing negative experiences or welcoming positive contact between friendly dogs.

And that is not everything K9 TO K9 can offer. We have the mission of becoming a great source of information for pet owners that wish to improve their way of taking care of their furry friends. You will find lots ofpet care tips and special articles on our blog all-year-long that will make the interactions with your pets much more satisfactory. You can also visit our online store to get the best supplies, products and accessories for your pet.

Once again, welcome to our website! If you would like to increase dog safety in your community, join and support our K9 TO K9 campaign initiative!

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